The Things We Do for Doughnuts

Q: “What is a pirate’s favorite letter?”

Q: “Where does a pirate go when he gets injured?”


These were just a couple of the delightful jokes I encountered leading up – and on through – National Talk like a Pirate Day. It does not even begin to shed light on the constant pirate conversations that overwhelmed our home (or the fact that I secretly considered abandoning ship).

You have to understand that “normal” has never been a word I used to describe our family. We had a costume closet before we had kids. Kids just added to the excuse. Accents are as common as song lyric references or movie lines when it comes to the conversations that go on during an average day in our house. We are overflowing with the over dramatic, the melodramatic, and the occasional Drama King – or in this case the Pirate King.

I know that the moment my family discovered it was National Talk like a Pirate Day, they would have spent the day in character. We have pie shaped food on National Pie Day (March 14 for those who are wondering . . . bonus points for those who know why). We like to get into the celebration of it all. Once they discovered that a treasure awaited them, my entire crew became obsessed with creating the look that would be deemed “most piratey.”

I think the only saving grace was that my middle son had signed up to attend an event near Florence – which forced the journey north. Otherwise, I suspect the Pirate King would have headed south where they could have sailed into the multitude of Birmingham Krispy Kreme establishments.

The first stop took them to the Huntsville Krispy Kreme where they were each (count that as four) showered with a dozen glazed donuts for their Pirate efforts. It was then on to Florence Krispy Kreme where the next part of their treasure was awarded.

They filled their treasure chests with glazed donuts, spent the day together acting like pirates, and left me alone for the bulk of the day to write. It turns out we were all given treasures.

I guess the bad pirate jokes, the puns, and even the constant pirate references were a reasonable price to pay for such a high seas adventure.

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