Travel Fun to Make the Going Easier

Make travel fun for everyone with a little planning before you go. Too much of anything can be bad thing – even what should be a good thing.

My son, the youngest at the time, crawled up in my lap and sighed. “Can we go home now? I’m tired of opening presents.” It should have been a magical time for him. My mom had loaded him down with so many presents that it lost its fun.

That moment locked in my mind and flashes anytime I am planning something for kids and for adults. The motto “keep it simple” rings true because it is true. Piling too much into your trip will take some of the magic away from the experience and leave you all too exhausted to enjoy the things to come.

Tips for Making Travel Fun

1. Do stuff. The longer the trip, the more you will need to discover. Find little nooks along the way so that you not only get to stop and stretch but you get a chance to enjoy the stop. One trip to Quincy, Indiana took us near Metropolis. We detoured long enough to get our pictures taken with Superman. The internet makes it easier than ever to find the unexpected and to plan a trip around a visit.

2. Don’t do too much. Our last trip to the gulf allowed for a stop at Battleship Park in Mobile, Alabama. The website said that the tour would take about 2 ½ hours but that you could stay as long as you wanted. It turned out that the estimate was on the fast side. We had another event to attend, so we had to cut the visit short and missed out on several of the other attractions because of our lack of time. Next time we make it to the port city we will plan for a longer visit to the amazing park.

3. Plan to splurge. We are stretching our budget so that we can visit more places by camping it along the way, but sometimes a hotel room or special meal hits the spot. Activities can also run up the cost of the trip (Battleship Park ran our family around $50). Calculate the cost of these specials when adding up your travel budget.

4. Don’t overdo it. The specials can add up fast. Setting a budget in the beginning and setting out a plan for the trip (with different options for activities) can keep you from getting caught up in the moment and throwing away your traveling budget.

5. Make a new tradition that costs little to nothing. Every place we visit, we make one of those engraved pennies. The resulting souvenir takes up very little space and costs less than a dollar. We are also starting the tradition of planting letterboxes in some of the places that we visit (be sure that you have permission from the location). It gives us something to visit in the future. It gives others something to enjoy. The total cost for planting a letterbox is around $12 (depending on the items you put in the box). We are also trying to find letterboxes where we visit, which cost us nothing. These little traditions give us something to take with us from our trip beyond the ordinary and expected.

6. Take turns picking the activity, attraction, or even the location. Get the whole family involved in the research and the planning. You will all learn more about the destination and have more fun if you all plan together.

Taking time to see the sights and enjoy each other’s company make traveling worth the trials and errors that will come along. Making a few choices ahead of time and following these simple tips can make family travel the fun experience you desire.

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What are your top tips for making travel fun for the whole family? Be sure to share here or to visit us on our Facebook page. We look forward to finding more ways to make our upcoming trips all that they can be.

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