Recipe: Quick Fix Nachos

Have a reservoir of quick-fix meal ideas helps take the stress out of mealtime – no matter who ends up with the job of fixing the meals.

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“What are we having for dinner?”

That may be the only thing my son says to me all day, but you can be guaranteed that at some point – usually around 4:30 pm – that question will make an appearance.

It doesn’t matter that I have the door closed because I am working.

It doesn’t matter that he knows how to cook.

It doesn’t matter that he has to walk past his dad to come ask me.

I am Mom. Apparently, at some point in my life as Mom, I claimed the position of head chef.

Maybe I didn’t touch my nose fast enough.

Either way, I’m it.

I’m usually pretty good at planning meals out. I have a list posted of what they will be having at school and I set a weekly menu with that at mind.

That’s most of the time.

This week was not most of the time. I was still recovering from the yuck my son so kindly brought home from the youth conference the weekend before. I barely had an appetite and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be cooking for anyone else anyway.

My son walked into the room and I could see the words forming, so I beat him to it. “What’s for dinner,” I asked before he could.

He blinked.

I laughed.

He left the room.

I walked into the kitchen where my husband was standing. “What are you fixing for dinner?” I asked.

He blinked.

I laughed.

I felt a little better.

I did a quick inventory of what we had available. Most of the food would take a while to cook. I didn’t want to have to deal with a while. I needed a quick-fix idea.

I did have about a quarter of a block of Velveeta cheese, a half a jar of homemade salsa, some frozen browned ground beef, and tortilla chips.

I tossed together a nacho dish in under twenty minutes. Quick fix magic for the win.

Quick Fix Nachos Recipe:

  • ¼ block of Velveeta Cheese
  • 1 can black olives
  • ½ jar salsa
  • ¼ head of iceberg lettuce
  • 2 cups browned ground beef
  • Tortilla chips

Spray a plastic container with non-stick spray.

Cut Velvetta cheese into quarter-sized chunks and drop them in the plastic container.

Cover the cheese with the salsa.

Heat in the microwave in 45-sec increments, stirring between each bit, until the cheese is completely melted.

While you are melting the cheese, tear off a section of the iceberg lettuce and use a knife to chip into shredded bits.

Once the cheese and salsa are completely mixed, warm up the ground beef.

Now you are ready to build your nachos.

Layer nacho chips on a plate, one chip deep. Drizzle cheese salsa mix over the chips. Add a thin layer of ground beef and drizzle the ground beef layer with cheese salsa. Spread shredded lettuce on the top with black olive slices on top. Add one more layer of drizzled cheese salsa.


TIP: Keep flour tortillas in the house if you have someone with braces. The corn chips can be too rough but the flour tortillas make for a perfect replacement.

Dinner doesn’t have to be fancy to be done. Use what you have, keep it simple, and make something fun the whole family can enjoy.

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