Promised Land New Adventures into RV Life

The show “Promised Land” inspired me. It would be so cool to pack up the kids and live out of a travel trailer.

My husband laughed at the idea – out loud . . . right in my face.

Still, I persisted. If you’ve met me you know persistence tends to show up when I’ve determined something needs to get done.

My husband will tell you I’m stubborn . . . and obstinate (or maybe he read that in my baby book – apparently, I’ve had years of practice).

In the show, the father loses his job so he packs up his wife, son, daughter, mother, and nephew into an Airstream travel trailer and they are off on adventure. It turns out you have to really like your family to be packed in together in that way.

But, the thought lingered in the back of my imagination daring me to let it out.

On Easter evening, 2020, my husband, my son, my dad, and I were all sitting together flipping between Huntsville weather and Birmingham weather – not because they weren’t covering the weather well but because we live in a kind of no-mans-land of radar so we have to watch both to understand what’s going on.

A small spot appeared on the radar – what the weather reporter suspected might be a debris field. We took cover in the hall just before the whole world exploded.

Now, we are living the hotel life as we prepare to make the adjustment to our own “Promised Land” experience – although I guess this will be the Promised Lang Experience. The fourteen trees that fell on the car, around the house, on the house, and yes, IN the house, means we will be out of pocket for at least 8 months (and at the rate things are currently going it might be longer).

My husband isn’t laughing now.

It may turn out that hotel living provides the perfect practice run for travel trailer living. We are all in one space . . . almost all day. We are learning to sleep through the late-night watching habits and the before-dawn reading habits – I’ll let you guess who is who. Soon, the only way apart will be to wander outside, but maybe that’s a good thing as well.

Hope you’ll join us as we take this next step in the TraveLangs adventuring.

Since most of us have been living in close quarters the last few weeks, share your favorite tip for getting along or getting by in the comments below.

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