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The Insanity of Daylight Saving Time

I live in North Alabama in a rural community. My ruralness increases because we built our house in the woods, back away from the road and neighbors. It gets dark at night.

I am an early riser . . . not by choice but by necessity. Home schooling three boys and writing in a full-time career required me to make quiet time to walk. Mornings became that quite time. I could get up, do my study time, get in some exercise just as dawn would break, and still have time to get work completed before the chaos ensued.

Until . . .

Winter brings on the longer periods of darkness, made even longer for me by the government’s determination to steal my morning. I spend the winter months longing for the burst of green that the Spring will bring, and the early mornings that will creep up along the way.

I used to anyway. At some point, the government must have discovered my new found morning routine and set about to steal the light of my morning.

I suspect the conversation went something like this.

“We need more daylight.” Politician One said.

The politicians had gathered from all around to correct the light problem.

“I concur the we need more daylight.” Politician Two concurred. He had made his mark concurring.

The politicians huddled around for days, talking some and sharing meals. The cries of yes announced that the answer had been discovered.

“We will set all the clocks forward one hour and then we will have more daylight.” Head Politician declared the measure.

The vote was unanimous. They all patted each other on the back and smiled for pictures. They had fixed the the problem

I HATE Daylight Saving Time

No matter what the clocks declare, the amount of daylight remains the same. Instead of driving home in the dusk or dark, commuters make that drive on the way to work. Instead of being able to start the day at sunrise, farmers start their day in the dark.

Now, we just have the added core of resetting all electronics and clocks to the “right” time, which is the wrong time, until the fall colors sprinkle the ground (and then we have to reverse the process).

Stop the Insanity

You will never make a blanket longer by cutting off the bottom and sewing it to the top. All you do is increase your work and make the blanket a little less effective.

Daylight Saving Time never worked and will never work. It is time to leave time alone!


the Mom

What do you think? Do you love DST or do you hate DST? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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