Flexibility in Camp Cooking

Developing flexibility in camp cooking can be a necessity when you take off for the wild unknown. Equipment had been known to malfunction. Campsite design may not meet your specific needs. Items can be left behind when pack up occurred.

Flexibility in cooking – under any circumstances – can be a valuable tool for survival (or just to stop the growling of the hungry menfolk). A few simple changes can help you adjust to any of the circumstances that might show up while camping.


Develop Flexibility in Camp Cooking

    1. Pack spices – you can purchase small containers of garlic powder, onion powder and other multi-purpose seasonings. You can also make use of small containers (like old candy containers (like Tic-tac) and fill them with your favorite spices. Be sure you also pack salt and pepper. Just being able to add seasoning to your cooking can make all the difference.

    2. Pack a variety of cooking utensils. Campfire cooking will require longer utensils, so pack your grilling set. Stove cooking can be done with pots and pans, but fire cooking will need heavier items. Aluminum foil can be formed into cooking items for the fire or the stove.

    3. Plan a snack. Shifting the cooking method may mean more time to cook. A snack of cheese, fruit, or chips (try some nachos) can hold back the horde until the food has time to cook.

    4. Chop up the food for easier (and faster cooking). Whole potatoes can take over an hour to cook on the stove or in the fire. Chopped potatoes will take half that time. The same goes for many of the camping food favorites.

    5. Accept that the plan may not fit the means. The wrong cooking option can throw the whole menu out the window. Make a new menu.

    6. Keep it simple. Healthy and tasty meals can still be simple. Include vegetables, a meat, and a starch and you should be able to cook any meal with any means available.

The last two trips, my menu had to be tossed. The first time the fire ring was so deep that I had no way to use it. The second time the single burner was left home alone. A few adjustments in the desired cooking method, a few tweaks of the menu, and a few changes in the preferred cooking pan allowed us to eat well, eat healthy, and eat happy with my camp cooking.

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Be sure to take a moment and share your secrets for camp cooking. All of us have faced different challenges and you never know what may come up the next time you camp out.

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