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Blessings (and Curses) of Working from Home

Working at home has its blessing (although there are those days that these same blessings can be cursings). The kids are close at hand, so I know what they are doing and where they are – for the most part. Work is dictated by me because I am the boss, so I work as much or as little as the chaos of the day allows. Being a work at home mom (WAHM) is the perfect life for me.

It wasn’t the perfect life just a few years back.

There were so many ideas running through my head and not enough direction. It took some serious soul searching to narrow things down. Instead of trying to find something new, I went back to my first love of writing and found new ways to utilize it through online opportunities.

Find some classes in your area (online can be a great source). Taking classes is a great way to learn new tips, refresh old skills, and grasp the trends that are hot for now.

I took some grant writing courses to help me refresh the skills I had gained in college. These same courses gave me the basis for developing a business. With the accumulated information, I put together a packet to help other new businesses lay out a strategic plan and potential find money. These same courses also gave me a leg up on grants research and development that I have used in many applications.

The local community college has online courses available at a large discount if I go through their website. I am able to take my class when time allows – which is great when you are a work at home mom with active kids.

Attending conferences will give you contacts and increase your experience in the field of your choice. Go to all the seminars that are offered at the conferences and get engrossed in the lunches or dinners. You never know who you might be sitting next to or where you might hear about your next job.

Dive right in. There are always opportunities to do what you love; you may just have to search them out. If you get paid for it, no matter how small the pay, it will be more than you are making NOT working. My first writing job was for a local paper. It wasn’t much, but cashing that first check meant I was an actual PAID writer. Now I don’t hesitate to fill in the employment section of forms. WRITER.

Don’t underestimate the skills that you have. When I first began writing online, I was hesitant to charge anything. Being new in a field can be scary. After working hard for no very little pay – or worse, NO pay (because some guy stiffed me), I became a bit bolder in my requests. I expect more because I know that I am worth it.

Pass it on. The most valuable thing I can do as a work at home mom is to share the information and experience I have with others so that they can join the ranks. When I found a paid to post opportunity, I shared it with friends and family. As I began to branch out into the blogosphere, I encouraged others to join me. At least two of my compatriots are now making a decent living writing online.

Finding employment on the internet is a new experience for most of the world. Being a work at home mom can add to the apprehension. It is possible to make a living through the internet with more than just selling items. With a little creativity and a lot of faith, you can write your own ticket to financial freedom.

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