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Backyard Field Trips – Steele Orchard

Every week my sons and I took a field trip. Keith worked a traditional job on only had the opportunity to attend on a few occasions. Some of the trips were just to local playgrounds while others were too amazing “backyard” locations – like Moundville, Alabama.

I scheduled a few trips when son #3 came along, but the logistics soon became a nightmare. The older boys were NOT interested in trips that would entertain the youngest and I would have had to hogtie the youngest to do the trips the older boys would enjoy.

It is a new season for the TraveLangs and that is opening up doors for field trips again.

We took the first leap with a trip to a local orchard. I intend to do many more of these agricultural trips because the youngest has declared an interest in having his own farm.

Goodies from Steele Orchard with TraveLangs

The drive was easy enough, but I did pack snacks just in case the tour took longer than expected (or food was necessary just to make it home). Keith was able to make this one with us.

I had forgotten how much “fun” (and by fun, I mean noisy, chaotic, squealing free play) that appears when a whole gaggle of homeschoolers gathers. The tour was also informative, although the orchard had the barn decorated for haunted house tours and the older boys were distracted on more than one occasion with the tunnels and decorations.

Apple varieties at Steele Orchard with the TraveLangs

The tour taught about bees, Johnny Appleseed, and apple varieties. The taste testing was one of the favorite stops for all.

I appreciate small farms and growers that are continuing to not only pursue their passions but that open their doors to share those passions.

Thanks to Steele Orchard for sharing with us. You can see more about the orchard by clicking the link and viewing the video Keith put together about the orchard and the fun we had.

Watch the Video

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