Back in Time with the Alabama Renaissance Faire 2014

The Alabama Renaissance Faire became a family tradition moment we discovered it several years back. Any excuse for costumes sends the family scurrying to find the perfect outfit. Where have had conflicts with the annual event comes around that has kept us away. Some years the weather did not cooperate. This year, nothing was going to hold us back.

The older boys started planning their costumes before October arrived. They researched the renaissance era and more than a few arguments ensued as to what would constitute a “proper” outfit for the time.

There had been talk about utilizing the pirate costumes from “National Talk like a Pirate Day,” but that idea went out the window as the boys discovered images they wanted to copy instead. We had some of the pieces in the costume closet (everyone needs a well-stocked costume closet), but had to get a little creative with some the pieces. One or two were purchased at the local thrift store.

We packed a lunch, some snacks, and drinks for the journey. The goal originally had been to do the Florence letterboxes while in town. We were halfway to the Faire when I realized that I had left the letterboxing items back at the house – probably sitting under my pirate hat.

We stopped just outside Florence for a break and some lunch. One lady in the store asked me if we were going to the Renaissance Faire and I almost asked her, “What’s that?” Instead, I just smiled and told her yes.

Finding a parking place can always be a challenge at the Faire. Parking a Suburban makes the job that much more of a challenge. We found a place and only two blocks from Wilson Park where the Alabama Renaissance Faire is held every year.

The festivities were underway by the time we arrived. The sound of bagpipes filled the air. Costumes ranged from whimsical – we saw a fawn lady – too scary. The King and Queen of the Faire were walking around and visiting with their subjects.

We made our way around the Faire and visited the many vendor booths. The older boys were on the hunt for swords. The youngest wanted a sword and shield combo. I just wanted to see the amazing handy work of the people – and did I mention the costumes?

The youngest and his dad took time to float a boat around the fountain while the rest of us shopped. We visited with the torturer at the stocks. He was funny – and I enjoyed his taunts. I watched the swordplay while the rest of them went back to the car for refreshments (I had my water bottle in my pack).

The sword purchases were made and we had watched most of the performances. We loaded back up and made the return trip to Guntersville.

Gas: $42.00
Costumes: $15.00
Souvenirs/collectibles: $60.00 (the boys all paid for their treasures with their own money)

Total cost for a day of family fun and entertainment stirred together with imagination and creativity: $57.00

Learn more about the Alabama Renaissance Faire by visiting their website, follow the Alabama Renaissance Faire Facebook page, and be sure to make your plans to visit the Faire next year!

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