Having Adventures While Sitting at Home

The TraveLangs spent most of October on one adventure or another. It felt at times – to me and to others – that were never home. Sometimes that is good. Sometimes you just want to hang around the house for a bit.

The change in time and the change of month left the TraveLangs stranded at the house. Add to that an injured dog (that should NOT be left alone) and I am longing for those days of multiple adventures.

The truth of the matter – for most of us out there, the constant adventures are not a possibility. We have jobs. We have school. We have obligations that land-lock us. The TraveLangs are in that spot.

Stay-at-home adventures with the TraveLangs

We are finding ways to have fun adventure without stepping a foot outside our door – okay, maybe a foot or two, but that is all.

The TraveLang Guide to Home Adventure

  1. Game Night – and I mean a FULL night of games. Go ahead and line them up and then knock them down. Include team games – maybe Spades. Include active games – have you ever heard of Farkle? Include mystery games – can you say CLUE? Set up a bar of snacks and finger foods – but be sure that the food and drinks are kept apart from the games so that there is no chance of spillage.
  2. Do a craft project – something that you can complete and clear out in a day. This is the perfect adventure for the holidays because you can do family holiday cards, from scratch. You could also do a day of cooking. We have a house full of boys so cooking is always appreciated (even if they have to give part of it away).
  3. Set up a scavenger hunt – the more creative the better. Let the kids set up a scavenger hunt for you – or you could each set up a hunt and then draw names to see who goes where. Make it a full day of hunts.
  4. Bring on the guests – invite others over to the house for some outdoor games. Our boys have made up a role playing type game where they go on quests together. My friends and I use to play our version of Narnia. Get into the act with them to take the fun to the next level, but let them have the lead.
  5. Build a better adventure day – fill a can or bowl with home adventure ideas. Let the kids add their own ideas as well (but you may want to set up restrictions for those). When the need for adventure strikes, then have someone draw from the bowl. You can do the one item on the paper or you can spend the whole day drawing adventures from the bowl.

Getting away from it all has its advantages. Finding adventure on your own in your own back yard does as well.

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